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Woodify Canada custom epoxy bathroom countertops. Choose this fully customizable option for a truly unique counter that matches your tastes. Choose from wood species, epoxy colors & styles and finishing options like matte / glossy.

Custom Epoxy Bathroom Countertops


Features for customers include exclusive pricing via our network of vendors, full project management services, free quotes, and money back guarantees.

Woodify Canada serves as an aggregator to companies that craft premium quality wood products. We strive to offer a diverse selection of products with exclusive deals to our visitors. Visitors take advantage of getting FREE Quotes..

other features include…

  • Absolutely unique one-of-a-kind table made from kiln dried to below 9% moisture content reclaimed Canadian wood (Walnut, Maple, Oak or Ash)
  • Artistically created river with original “floating streams” design on the riverbed and crystal clear river top made from Canadian zero-VOC epoxy resin
  • 100% food-safe scratch resistant sealer and clear finish
  • Maintenance kit to repair any scratches and remove stains on the tabletop in just 5 minutes