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Handmade Rustic Coffee Table

Go full force into the future of design with this pallet table supported by 10” industrial castor wheels. Carving out a completely new space between luxury and warehouse aesthetics, this statement piece captures a liberating style, one that celebrates raw energy, exposed brick, and peeling paint. For those who want to stand out from a crowd, this castor wheel table takes you to another place.FEATURES

– Carefully chosen wood – the best grains for the best finishes
– Furniture grade topcoat protects the wood & enhances its natural beauty
– 4 Industrial 10″ Caster Wheels


– Dimensions – 40″W x 27″D x 14″H.
– Storage Area height 4″
– Material – Solid whitewood


– Furniture is heavy (especially these wheels) and bulky but we strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible!
– Shipped with wheels detached to avoid damage, we drill the holes and provide instructions and everything you need. It takes 10-15 minutes to attach them

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